We spent a day at

Typhoon Lagoon 

It was quite the adventure due to the monsoon and thunder and lightning storm that started as soon as we stepped into the lazy river. 

The lifeguards cleared out the pools and for the next 2 1/2 hours John and I huddled underneath the umbrella in Getaway Glen that we rented for the day.  Fortunately the rain was coming down STRAIGHT otherwise we would've been drenched and cold.  But we made the best of that time, even dozing off on our lounge chairs.


Getaway Glen

is a private enclosed area where you can reserve in advance of your trip

an umbrella that includes 2 lounge chairs, 2 sand chairs, a table, and 4 towels.


Dry, relaxed, and happy during the storm

After we finally got to swim, float in the lazy river, and jump a couple of waves we were happy and it was VERY worth playing "Survivor" in the rainforest during a thundering and lightening storm!

An unforgettable day, for sure!!